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Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations Required:

By law you must provide proof of Rabies vaccination or a letter of exemption from your veterinarian. If your dog is less than a year old, we would like to see proof of all vaccinations or a letter from your veterinarian deeming your dog healthy for our social environment. For dogs over a year of age, we request you discuss with your veterinarian what they recommend for social environments. We highly discourage over vaccinating, and ask that you do your own research and make an educated decision with your veterinarian on what vaccinations your dog needs.


Puppy Warts (Canine Papilloma Virus) This virus normally occurs in dogs under the age of 2, and is very common in social environments.  Just like Kennel Cough’s dormancy period, by the time you see a wart in or on the dog’s mouth, they have already spread the virus.  It can be compared to chicken pox because it normally only occurs once in the dog’s lifetime.  The dog may have just one wart or multiple warts in around his/her mouth or on the tongue.  They look pinkish or white like cauliflower heads and stay around for 8-12 weeks.  They normally do not require veterinarian attention unless they have a large amount of warts which could indicate a very compromised immune system or if the wart(s) never disappear.  Unlike Kennel Cough, most doggie daycares will allow a dog to attend daycare with puppy warts since it is not considered a serious illness.  The best thing to do if your dog has puppy warts is give your dog a supplement to boost their immune system.  Please always notify our staff is your dog has puppy warts.


Kennel Cough (Bordetella) passes through most facilities about twice a year and there is no way to prevent it. Once a dog coughs, they have already been exposing dogs for about 7-10 days due to the dormancy period. Of course, we immediately quarantine and send home any coughing dog, but at that point, it is too late. Please, if you think your dog is coughing, do not come to the Mutt House!! Most dogs will not get it, but a small percentage will get it and pass it around.  Kennel Cough last about two weeks and even though annoying to both the dog and the human, it normally passes with no issues.  Even though we recommend the Kennel Cough Vaccine (we prefer the nasal one), it does not keep dogs from getting it, but can minimize the effects if they do get it. And just like getting a flu vaccine, there are many strands of the virus, so the vaccine might not even be for the strand your dog is exposed.  Your dog can get Kennel Cough from the Vet, the dog park, grooming, boarding, etc. If you suspect your dog has Kennel Cough, do not have your dog around any dogs and notify the Mutt House immediately.