Molly's Mutt House

Molly’s Mutt House Boarding

At the Mutt House, we Believe in Safety First, Cleanliness, and FUN!! And keep your Pup Safe & Happy!  We Potty the dogs 4 times per day in our Large Outside Fenced area that includes Bacteria Resistant Canine Artificial Grass. We are here to Make Your Day Better!

*1 Night Deposit Required When Booking. Deposits are Non-Refundable if Booking is Canceled with less than 48-Hours Notice.

Doggy Suites

  • $54/Night 1 Dog
  • $34/Night Additional Dog
  • Pick up by 10 AM

  • There will be an additional charge of $35 for pick up after 10 AM

Cage Free with Daycare

  • $34/Night 1 Dog

*Price does not include daycare cost

Day Boarding

  • $45/Doggy Suite –  $34 Additional Dog

*Includes two 15 minute playtimes and potty breaks. 

Fitness Day Camp

This is great for Dogs that need to work their minds & get exercise, but cannot do doggie daycare. Includes: Agility/Mind Games/Nose Work, Obedience Training, Fitness Training, and FUN.


  • $3 Per Dog Friday and Saturday Night
  • $15 Holiday Fee per Dog
  • $10 Bagging Fee if we have to bag up your meals for boarding.

Add A Stress Reliever Or Treat While Your Dog Stays At the Mutt House

Special Treats

  • Peanut Butter Frozen Kong 
  • Doggie Ice Cream
  • Turkey Weeine
  • Peanut Butter Smacker (Graham Cracker and PB Sandwich)

Personal Attention

  • Gym Pass Gold (Private Obedience and Agility Training)
  • Gym Pass Silver (Agility Time)
  • Private Play Time
  • Story Cuddle Time 
  • Seasonal Picture

Click here to check out our activities calendar and featured treats.

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