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Monday – Friday 

Drop off 7-10 AM (Daycare, Grooming and Boarding))
Drop Off 2-4 PM (Suite Boarding Only)
Pick up 7-11 AM, 3-7 PM


Drop off 9-10:30 AM (All Services)
Drop off 2-4 PM (Suite Boarding Only)
Pick Up 9-11 AM, 3-5 PM 


Drop Off 2- 4 PM (Suite Boarding Only) Pick Up 2-6 PM

Fitness Day Camp

Monday – Friday

Drop off 7-9 AM 
Pick up  3-6:30 PM

At Molly’s Mutt House, we maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our user-friendly reservation system allows pet parents to book daycare or boarding services easily. We also provide regular updates and photos of the dogs’ activities, keeping owners informed and reassured about their pets’ well-being.

In addition to daycare services, Molly’s Mutt House also offers overnight boarding for dogs. The boarding accommodations are clean, comfortable. Dogs staying overnight in suites have their own private sleeping areas with cozy bedding and are given plenty of attention and affection throughout their stay.

We also offer services to cater to the specific needs of each dog. This includes grooming services such as bathing, brushing, and nail trimming, ensuring that dogs not only have a great time but also leave looking and feeling their best.

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