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Seaflex Dog Toys by West Paw - Made With Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic



BUILT FOR MODERATE CHEWERS Dogs love traditional bones, but as pet parents? We wanted more—like recyclable material, easy cleaning, and a safety guarantee. So, we made Drifty: the dishwasher-friendly bone upgrade that’s responsibly made from non-toxic Seaflex™. Why dog's best friend®



BUILT FOR MODERATE CHEWERS The Sailz is our newest take on your dog's favorite frisbee. Made responsibly with Seaflex™ this disc was inspired by disc golf shapes in order to fly far and true! Durable and lightweight with a center hole to make it easier for dogs to pick it up and bring back for another toss.



BUILT FOR MODERATE CHEWERS Snorkl is designed for dogs who love bones, boomerangs, and tug-of-war. Snorkl's fun tug shape makes it perfect for high energy dogs and great for human and dog play or dog and dog play.


Scratch Square by De' Vora

Healthy Hemp for Pets



Healthy Hemp Pet CannaDrops™ Coconut offer animal owners and clinicians a more flexible and cost-effective way to administer larger doses of organic full-spectrum terpene rich hemp oil. CannaDrops Coconut are small batch made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Nurture your pups’ desire to be active. It’s the only hemp health product for companion animals guaranteed to contain 2 mg. of organic full-spectrum hemp oil in every single piece. May help with occasional stiffness, ease movement and calm nerve



Healthy Hemp Pet CannaShroom™ Immune Supporter Five Mushroom Blend offers animal owners and clinicians a new method to treat animals holistically. This product comes with the added feature of medicinal mushrooms, combined with our signature hemp and Ceylon cinnamon for a powerful everyday health supplement. These natural ingredients may help pets with a variety of health conditions including overall wellness, boosting your pet’s immunity, reducing inflammation, negative stress reduction, and help with situational anxiety.

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Our goal is to ensure a happy healthy pet through diet and exercise. We offer many all-natural dog and cat foods, treats, and supplements. Stop in and see our vast selection. Below are just a few of the brands we carry. Click on the link to find out more about each of them.

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