Molly's Mutt House

Fitness Day Camp

Does your dog not play well with others? No Problem, we offer Fitness Day Camp. Fitness Camp is great for Dogs that need to work their minds & get exercise but cannot do doggie daycare. Includes:

All Inclusive Monthly Memberships

All Inclusive Membership PERKS Include:

Dog must be good in a crate for their downtime.

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*This is a month-to-month contract, and you can cancel at any time before your next charge is due. Days do not carry over to the following month.*


*Videos (Up to 1 minute for Agility / 2-5 minutes for Obedience) $15 (Shared through Dropbox)

*Training Treats are an extra cost, but you can bring your own instead. Let us know if your dog has allergies, preferences, or dietary restrictions. If toy motivated, you can bring their favorite toy for the day.

*We offer some great add-ons for the day as well. Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs, Liki Matts, Seasonal and Daily treats, Seasonal and Daily Pics, and the occasional party. Sign up at check-in or when you schedule your reservation.

Fitness Camp FAQ

What activities do they do?

Fitness Fun, Beginner’s Agility, Nose Work and Enrichment Games, Playtime, and Reinforcement/Training of Basic Commands.

How many times a day do the dogs get out to play and how long are the sessions?

Each dog gets to play at least three times a day for a minimum of 15 minutes each session, along with lots of potty breaks.

Is my dog crated?

Yes, they do need to be good in a crate. Our kennels are 4’x4’ with a cot and/or blankets (you can bring your own bed for them as well.)

Do the dogs interact with other dogs?

No, this is personalized one-on-one time with your dog with a Trainer.

Do I need to reserve my day/days in advance?

Yes, we have limited spots available, so you must schedule in advance to reserve a spot.

How do I reserve a spot?

Download the Molly’s Mutt House App or speak with a trainer to schedule.