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Molly's Mutt House Dog Grooming

At the heart of our services lies a deep-rooted passion for dog grooming, a craft we have perfected through years of dedicated practice and genuine love for animals. Our team of professional groomers in Houston is not just skilled in the art of grooming; they are devoted caretakers who ensure every dog receives the highest level of hands-on care. This commitment to excellence ensures that your beloved pet not only looks fantastic but feels vibrant and healthy, too.

Dog grooming is much more than just a job to us; it’s a way to express our love and understanding of dogs. We believe that a well-groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of grooming services designed to meet the unique needs of each furry client. From the moment your dog steps into our Houston-based grooming salon, they are treated with kindness, patience, and the respect they deserve.

Our grooming services are extensive, covering everything your dog needs to look and feel their best. We start with a thorough bath using premium dog-friendly shampoos that cleanse the coat and skin, leaving them fresh and revitalized. Following the bath, our expert groomers carefully brush out your dog’s coat, removing any tangles and loose fur, which is a crucial step in maintaining their coat’s health and appearance.

A haircut is more than just a trim; it’s an opportunity to enhance your dog’s natural beauty. Our groomers are adept at styling all breeds, ensuring that your dog’s haircut suits their individual personality and lifestyle. Whether it’s a classic breed-specific cut or a custom style, we’re here to make sure your dog looks their absolute best.

Beyond the basics, we offer specialized services such as teeth brushing and pawdicures. Our Pawdicures will keep their nails trimmed to a comfortable length. 

When your dog leaves our salon, they won’t just sport a new look; they’ll walk out feeling happier and healthier. We take pride in our ability to transform your pet, providing them with a grooming experience that is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. Located in the heart of Houston, our dog grooming salon is a haven for pets seeking the ultimate grooming experience. Join the countless satisfied pet owners who trust us with their grooming needs, and let us show you why we’re the best at what we do.


*A $25 Deposit is Required When Booking Haircuts & Baths. Deposits are Non-Refundable if the Booking is Canceled with less than 48-Hours Notice.

Dog Grooming Rates

  • Baths $45 & Up based on size and coat.

    Includes: Nail Clipping and Surface Ear Cleaning.

  • Haircuts $65 & Up based on size, breed, coat and dematting.

    Includes: Bath, Nail Clipping and Surface Ear Cleaning.

Extra Spa Day Options

De-Shedding Treatment

  • De-Shedding $25-$75 Depending on time involved.

    Includes deshedding shampoo and a special brush out.

Shampoo Treatments

Our skilled dog grooming professionals will make your dog look their best while taking special care to put them at ease during all doggie spa services. Grooming services can be scheduled with boarding or daycare reservations or by appointment. Our professional groomers and bathers take special pride in working with each dog they groom.

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